REMTCS Secure Energy Storage and Grid Operations

Reducing  reliance on costly and strained utility grid power, while reducing capital and operational costs through advanced technology integration.


The REMTCS Energy Solution represents an industry first in terms of offering a turnkey energy storage and management system combined with a military-grade digital/cyber security platform. This unique integrated system ensures investments in energy initiatives are cost-beneficial, efficient, and effective, while securing the technologies from cyber threats and malicious attacks.


Our focus is combining autonomous functionality with high performance components to meet client expectations for stored energy projects. Each solution is customizable and scalable for varying applications across multiple segments for commercial, industrial, utility energy storage and micro grid operations. The solutions are designed with a high emphasis on safety, and to meet the necessary requirements for internal and regulatory compliance.


  • Providing instantaneous back-up power without data loss.
  • Reducing utility demand charges.
  • Resolves electrical spikes, harmonics, and synchronization issues.
  • Charging the batteries at off-peak rate for battery power utilization during peak charge times.
  • Integration with renewable energy production such as solar, wind and geothermal.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

REMTCS can design an energy storage system to fit the needs and requirements for varying projects. Using high performance inverters as the building blocks of a system, we can integrate several battery technologies including, but not limited to lithium ion, large format lithium iron, sealed lead acid, and hybrid batteries for smart grid and microgrid applications.

Advanced Controller and Energy Management (EMOS)

In its simplicity, our EMOS is a high performing and reliable PC-based hardware and software solution. With real-time, web-based monitoring and control, administrators have access to critical operating data of the ESS and microgrid. The EMOS allows for scalability and can aggregate data from multiple stations of an installation offering a single point of control to maximize energy efficiency.

Best in Class Patented Security

REMTCS provides our proprietary PASS cyber security platform for electrical grid systems. PASS is a patented military-grade, proactive, fully autonomous integrated cyber threat solution that detects, classifies, and kills known, unknown, and variants of malware and other threats, then deploys countermeasures across connected devices in near real-time. PASS can also identify and resolve Zero-Day attacks within minutes

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