Comprehensive Cyber Security

Risk Management Engineering & Consulting

REMTCS assists customers in protecting their investments in infrastructure, data, internet applications and their corporate reputation.

Enterprise Network Cyber Protection

In today's cyber defense climate, it is critical to have reliable results and actions performed in the fastest of speeds.

Secured Mobile Devices

Cyber protection anywhere, any time with integrated device security and custom VPN services.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

Empowering organizations and applications with identity assurance & security through multi-modal biometrics.

REMTCS Approach

A Layered Approach to Protecting Organizations and People from Emerging Threats

1. Identify Cyber Risk Potential

2. Determine Risk Threshold

3. Implement Strategies & Policies

REMTCS Considerations to Mitigate Risk

Engineered to establish baseline technology integration/processes to reduce risk of compromise.

Ensuring your network is not exposed to attackers, including access from partners and customers, onsite or remote locations.

Implementation of layered Cybersecurity approach along with correlating policies to protect against malicious code or content.

Autonomously detect attacks and  appropriately respond with  countermeasures in real-time. Ensures adherence with policies, and legal/regulatory compliance.

Utilization of Biometrics for Identification and Authentication with defined user privileges and procedures, Limit the risk of compromised privileged credentials.

Identify cyber vulnerabilities, including user exploitation  Proper technology testing and user training with policies to mitigate risk.

Why Single Vendor Solution?

“Nearly half of the security risk that organizations face stems from having multiple security vendors and products.” -Cisco

Companies that piecemeal platforms and applications or use an outsourced encompassing IT vendor that utilizes multiple systems, typically are more likely to be left vulnerable with a false sense of security of having adequate protection from threats. Some of the issues stemming from multiple vendors include:

  • Running dozens of security applications and programs running all at once putting strain on network.

  • Often outdated programs are less likely to be compatible with new technologies increasing the already present compatibility issues of trying to get different systems to talk and stay in synch with each other.

  • Over extend human resources to manage and juggle multiple logins and dashboards while trying to integrate and fix applications.

  • Most importantly, there are vulnerability gaps left open that hackers look to exploit.

  • Lack of intergration and coordination

Cost Benefits

“The total cost of a successful cyber attack is over $5 million, or $301 per employee.” -Ponemon

  • Autonomous functionality and operation reduces the need to hire multiple senior security professionals and allows those in place to focus on other critical tasks.

  • Eliminates the need purchase multiple solutions replacing approximately 15 single purpose products.

  • Minimizes risk of indirect and direct costs associated with damaged reputation from successful attack.
  • Rapid ROI
  • Reduces or eliminates costs associated with human response and remediation to threats.  
  • Capitalize on previous expenditures with seamlessly integration into current infrastructure.

Vulnerability Testing

Thorough vulnerability scan of network infrastructure to identify vulnerable points of entry.

Penetration Testing

REMTCS experts can implement countermeasures to stop hackers, crackers, and cyber-thieves by addressing vulnerabilities in systems, databases, network devices, and operating systems.

Firmware and Patches

Ensuring all security patches and firmware are up to date. Automatically without human intervention needed.

Assessment Components and Highlights

REMTCS engineers will assess, test, and review current infrastructure to ensure vulnerability gaps are addressed to ensure future success of security in conjunction with integration success of installation of the REMTCS PASS cyber security platform

Spider Graph

Risk Assessment spidergraph which articulates where the enterprise risk remains Security Control Assessment against NIST 800-171 Security Policy template – Resulting in a three dimensional Spidergraph depicting the best use of security resources and funding.

Critical Security Control Assessment

Based on NIST 800-171 and 800-53 controls.

REMTCS solution fulfills 11 out of SANS 20, plus an addition 18 Security Controls that further enhance protection.

Employee Training

Anti-Phishing Prevention

Partnering with your security team to provide essential employee and user awareness, training, and best practices.

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