Pro-Active Security System

Today's Defense for Combating Tomorrows Cyber Threats.

Intelligent and adaptive cyber protection executed with graceful sophistication.

The proprietary PASS platform combines next-gen AI and behavior analysis technologies with extensive expertise to address constant, sophisticated, elusive and emerging threats to mitigate risk.

At the heart of PASS is a proactive, fully autonomous integrated threat solution that hunts, classifies and kills known, unknown and variants of malware, then deploys countermeasures across the entire enterprise from the network edge and across all end points including desktops, laptops, servers, tablets & smart phones. All in near REAL-TIME

Pass Features/Operations

  • Continuous monitoring and deep packet inspection of every packet transiting the network.
  • Inspection primarily based on contextual Al/Behavioral Analysis combined with malware feeds.
  • Built in Vulnerability Scanner.
  • Attack Replay
  • Countermeasures (Predator) with audit trails: ability to force a scan of a single piece of malware to multiples
  • Firewall and Active Directory integration for automatic near-real time blocking of IPs and AD objects
  • Alert System – SMS/Email
  • Live monitoring of traffic and threat Data
  • Integrated Digital Behavioral Analysis Data
  • Extensive Report capabilities.
  • Fully scalable
  • Customization interface for ease of use


Discovers, reverse engineers/creates a signature with 5 to 12+ variants that hunts down and destroys malware across the entire enterprise.

Near Real Time

Continuous monitoring and execution 24 X 7 X 365 to make near-real time decisions.

Fully Autonomous

Deep Inspection of every packet of data traversing the network and making informed decisions without the need for human intervention.

The Power of Leading AI and Behavior Analysis Driven Protection

Predictive/Proactive Prevention

Enables near real-time, proactive blocking and provides rich and actionable intelligence to better understand the nature of attacks for continuous improvement of the security posture. Continuous real-time learning of malware and variants by design and method


Today’s advanced threats require an architecture that is aware of the multi-stage and multi-vector nature of attacks. Our PASS system is able to detect known and unknown threats in near real-time and be able to scale with the demands of the network.


Near real-time validation of threats coupled with the ability to rapidly stop the impact of an attack on compromised systems. Automated quarantine and reverse engineering of found malware


Automated deployment of network and endpoint countermeasures to mitigate spread and damage of found malware. Near real-time validation of threats coupled with the ability to rapidly stop the impact of an attack on compromised systems.


Not All Cyber Solutions Are Created Equal

Next Generation Technologies to combat emerging and sophisticated threats. 

  • Central Threat Intelligence Database integrating over 100 global feeds.
  • Decades of experience
  • REMTCS has over 120 protected patents, over 80 for cybersecurity
  • Deployed and integrated with defense sector clients that required the most effective protection.
  • Seamlessly integrates into any existing network infrastructure
  • Quantitative Analytics Engine powered  by Ultra Low Latency HPC
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