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Press Release // REMTCS and Endeavor Plus Team Up to Protect Patient Data

By remtcs on June 24, 2019 0 Comments

Two companies known for developing creative solutions to complex problems are teaming up to protect patients’ health insurance data from cyber attacks.  Insurtech company Endeavor Plus, Inc. announced a joint venture with cybersecurity company REMTCS, Inc. for the purpose of creating a “Provider Suite of Solutions” for the healthcare industry.

According to REMTCS CEO Richard Malinowski, the solutions suite is expected to include a cyber security system to protect companies against the threat of malware, and a cyber security insurance policy.  REMTCS will specifically utilize their ANNI PASS and ANNI Endpoint solutions to enhance hospital security, Malinowski said.  “ANNI PASS and ANNI Endpoint reduce the time it takes to detect and remeditate malware attacks from months to minutes,” Malinowski explained.  “When these programs are combined wiht the cyber risk insurance policy offered by Endeavor Plus, and their reinsurance partners, we are able to provide greater peace of mind to the healthcare space.”

Endeavor Plus CEO Pat Dileo said his company will also partner with REMTCS to develop a financial exchange platform that guarantees payment to hospital systems and private physicians on their outstanding commercial receivables in a timely manner.  “For too long, medical providers have needed a fair, transparent and prompt way to receive reimbursement for their much needed services,” Dileo said.  “We’re proud to announce that we’ve developed a patent-pending financial receivable exchange where medical providers submit their claims and are paid in mere days at prices determined totally by transparent capital market bidding.”

More information about Endeavor Plus can be found on their website at

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